Small Business Coaching

Who are my Small Business Coaching clients?

* One-person companies (eg. contractors) who are looking to find the next contract, grow their business bigger than just themselves and I help them clarify what matters, shape their business vision and set clear goals that I help them achieve.

* Individuals or groups of 2-4 who have been through redundancy or recently re-trained and want to start their own company / partnership but don’t know how to get started. I help them clarify their vision of what their successful business will be like and build their first business plan with a well defined strategy to take forwards. For groups, we will also look at creating effective team dynamics, so they function well as a team.

* Small businesses with 1-4 people on the management team, whose operations are suffering and the leaders don’t have time to take the strategic view to drive improvement. I use my Project Management and Continuous Improvement experience to support and encourage the leaders to find the appropriate approach to become more efffective as a company.


90-Day SMB Coaching Programme  

For those Small Businesses who really want to make a big leap forwards and are prepared to make the investment in themselves to achieve this, then the 90-Day Coaching Programme is right for you!

We will have 8 x 1-hour Coaching sessions over 90 days with on-going email and text support, plus you will receive my monthly newsletter and information relating to your coaching topic(s).

We need to clarify where your business is right now, via an initial 2-hour Diagnostic session, and then help you to define the priority areas to be addressed and shape the way forward as a result.

We will review your Business Plan and Strategy and identify those areas most at risk, so that appropriate action can be taken to address them.

We will look at team dynamics and how to build and sustain an effective team.


Rolling Monthly Coaching  

For those SMB Leaders that would like regular fortnightly coaching to keep on track for achieving their strategic goals and addressing any personal challenges which might be creating blocks to their progress.

The Monthly Coaching is ideal as a follow-up to the 90-Day SMB Coaching Programme to continue the support for the leadership team towards their strategic goals.

This provides the flexibility of just booking for a month (2 sessions), and may suit those who do not wish to invest in a full programme up-front.

If you wish to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months by standing order, then please let me know as I will offer you a discount for making that commitment up-front.