Is Your Golf being sabotaged by Your Attitude?

As a low-handicap (<10) golfer, you've been improving your technical game with a Golf Pro for a number of years, but you're getting so frustrated with how you 'lose it' on the course.  Let's help you reach that scratch handicap with a mindset that consistently matches your technical ability, so you can play to your potential rather than against it, and be the envy of your golfing friends!  

You hire a Pro to help you improve your technique, but what happens on the course?

All those lessons you've invested in with your Golf Pro, teaching you how to improve your technical game - you're pretty solid with your skills: knowing how to draw, fade, create backspin and you know the distances well from your irons.   

But what happens when  you're out on the course is just bewildering...

Trying to get a good start on the first tee, in front of a waiting group - feeling the pressure to impress them as they're watching you tee off? 

And then you slice or shank the ball and suddenly your composure has gone.  Now you're trying to use strength and hit the ball, rather than swing through it, and when you do make contact, that ball is just not being your friend! 

Making your way up the fairway towards the green, you're frustrated about your start and the tension is affecting your swing - you're not getting the distance you know you could.

The fairways seem strangely narrower than usual and the bunkers and water hazards are calling you. Although you try not to notice them, the ball seems drawn to them. "Come on - get a grip!"  you tell yourself through clenched teeth.

By the time you've got to the green, you're angry with yourself and your club or shot selection and your golf partners are trying not to notice - they just smile that knowing smile and and utter distant words of encouragement or sympathy. 

You just know this isn't going to be a good round today.  So much for handing in a great card and beating your competition to the trophy.   

Must be the grey damp weather and conditions under your feet. Or you're not wearing your lucky bobble-hat,  or the groundsman hasn't cut the course to the usual standard....

Sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be like that!

Just Imagine....

* Turning up to play every game knowing that you've already got your game head on - feeling relaxed, calm, focused and ready.

* Stepping onto the first tee (and every tee) with confidence, presence and oblivious to who's watching - just a sense of knowing you own this!

* Hearing your own personal caddy in your head giving you advice about weather and course conditions, and encouraging you every shot

* Confidently making your club selection, practising your swing and visualising the perfect line for the ball, like a Pro

* Playing every shot calmly and with focus on where you want the ball to go, so the hazards just seem to disappear.  

* Having the resilience to stay calm on the odd occasions where the ball might not go as expected,  breathe, make the right club selection and get back on course!

* Lining the ball up to the pin and hearing that reassuring "plink", so another birdy or par goes on the card.

* Smiling as you hand your scorecard in, knowing that you played to your potential and kept your game-head on all day

* Seeing the envious look on your golf-buddies faces, as "Mr. Consistency" chalks up another win against them

* Hearing them asking you "How did you do it?"  and deciding whether you want to tell them your secret or not... 

* Feeling Proud as you finally reach that Scratch handicap through your persistent determined action and unshakable mind-set.

Here's How You Can Change Your Mind and Half Your Handicap!

The GOLF-MINDS Coaching Programme 

How to consistently get your game-head on and play with the potential that you know you have, where your attitude supports your technical ability, rather than working against you.

Make real lasting progress on improving your handicap towards Scratch, and then sustain your performance.

Become the envy of your golfing buddies as "Mr. Consistency" rather than the old "Mr.Angry".

Start winning those close games where your attitude previously let you down.

Learn to love playing golf again!

Here's what's included in this 3-month programme:

  • Initial in-person 2-hour Strategy Session at/near your local course - where we discuss your goals and what's holding you back - and you start your Transformation. [*note 1]
  • Optional 3-way conversation with your Golf Pro (during Strategy session) about what's going on with your game, taking their recommendations as input.
  • 3 x 4-hour monthly on-Course sessions, where I will walk the course with you while you play,  to get first-hand experience of what's going on and how you're improving or need further support.
  • 3 x monthly 1-hour Coaching sessions by Zoom, to equip you with the mindset techniques and support you while you're making progress
  • Golf-Minds Learning Journal to plan and record your transformation journey and achievements.  
  • Mindset techniques and learning specifically targeted towards improving your mental game
  • Email and SMS support throughout (emails answered within 8 hours, SMS within 2 hours).
  • 20% Discount on any Wise-Coaching workshops and events   

Your Investment:

Consider that hiring a Golf Pro to improve your Technical game costs you £40-£50 / hour ... How many hours have you already invested over the years, just to remain stuck from achieving your golfing potential, by your attitude self-sabotage?

When you join the Golf-Minds programme, you're getting over 20 hours of coaching support in 3-months, to raise your Mental game for just  £1197 (inc. VAT).   [*note 2].


1. My focus is to help you improve your golfing mindset. I will not be teaching you golfing techniques. Should you wish to improve the technical aspects of your golfing game, please arrange this separately with a Golf Pro at your local golf-club. 

2. I am very flexible to travelling for your Strategy session and on-Course sessions, with appropriate prior arrangement. However you need to be aware that my travel from Bristol UK to your course/venue are not included within the Coaching Programme investment and will be separately billed to you for payment.

Places are limited to 4 Clients per month only, by application - there's a waiting list.

I work with a maximum of 4 Clients per month on the Golf-Minds programme and want to ensure that my Clients have the right level of commitment to their personal improvement, so they are more likely to take action and achieve the goals we agree on. 

After all, I want to help you create the golfing success you deserve!

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