Welcome Home

There's something about reaching your destination, 'mooring up' and being home and safe. Being able to share the journey, the challenges, the frustrations, the laughter and the learning in the company of others. 

Thank You for finding Wise Coaching as your destination today.  Welcome Home.

What could become possible for You?

What could become possible for you, if you had no limits?

What becomes possible for you, when you break through what's been holding you back?

When you resolve how you've been holding yourself back.

What would you dare to dream of?

What becomes possible now?

How are you living your life differently?

Let's work together to Create the Success You Deserve.

How may I serve you?

Get Your Work Mojo Back

Step 1

Had enough of dreading every work-day? Lost touch with colleagues and lacking motivation for your work? You know you can offer so much more, and desperate to get out of feeling stuck?

Let's talk. Start loving what you do again.

SCALE - Contractor to Consultancy

Step 1

Anxious about IR35 impact on the contracting market and your livelihood? Want to avoid giving your income away to an Umbrella agency and losing your independence in a 'permy' job?

There is another way! Let me help you create your Consultancy business, before IR35 sets in.

Change Your Mind
Halve Your Golf Handicap

Step 1

As a low-handicap golfer, you've been improving your technical game, but getting so frustrated how you 'lose it' on the course. 

Let's help you reach that scratch handicap and consistently play to your potential through a positive mindset. 

Success Stories

Here's what our amazing clients are saying about Wise Coaching

Matt, Bristol

Matt Ganson

 MG Consultancy, Bristol

" David has taken me on quite a journey: from an initial place of uncertainty with areas in confidence, career, dealing with an aggressive manager and without focus, there was quite an ask of David to help me.

I have been putting the techniques into practice and I now feel more confident than I have ever done before, I am focused and finding myself being able to deal with my manager and my career in a much more determined fashion.

Thank you David, you have made a real difference"

James, Bristol

James Tucker

Founder, JLT  Coaching

"With David, I was able to focus on the way that I think: I am a very visual person, so some guided visual thinking and unwrapping the real rationale/ motivations for the goals and what they would achieve for me, meant that I could focus on the important stuff.

Having small business and getting goals and plans in place is important, as is understanding why. This is the part that David was so good at helping me bring out – as the goals became more a part of me than numbers on a spreadsheet."

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