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Small Business Coaching

Why Small Business Coaching?

  • You may have a number of business ideas but don’t know which to focus on first, and perhaps fear making the wrong choice.
  • You’ve decided to start your own business, it needs to be inspiring to you to keep going when the challenges come up, as they will arise! Do you have enough drive to keep going?
  • Starting a business can be quite daunting – its easy to feel overwhelm in knowing where to start with all the different areas to focus on.
  • You’ve created your business idea, you’ve set some process and systems up, but something’s missing: Clients!
  • Being busy in your Business may be distracting you from working on and growing your Business. You may be down in the detail and have lost perspective on what you need to do to take your business forwards.

Coaching is based on the principle that you have the answers you need already (you just may not realise it, yet), and so we will guide you through effective questioning, supporting and challenging you and using relevant business processes to help you create an actionable plan then take this forwards to achieve the Business Success you deserve.

Who are my Small Business Coaching clients?

  • Individuals or groups of 2-4 who have left large organisations or re-trained and want to start their own company/ partnership but don’t know how to get started.
  • One-person companies who are looking to find the next contract, grow their business bigger than just themselves
  • Small businesses with 1-4 people on the management team, whose operations are suffering and the leaders don’t have time to take the strategic view to drive improvement, or team dynamics are getting in the way.

How will we work together?

We will start top down from your Why (are you in business), what’s important to you, help you envision your longer term goals.

We will look at what you’ve achieved already, where you’re stuck and then create the Business Plan so that you can move forwards.

For groups, we will also look at effective team dynamics, so that your team are aligned in vision and function well together.

I use my Project Management and Continuous Improvement experience to support and encourage the leaders to find the appropriate approach to become more effective as a company.

Let’s be clear here…

For me this is NOT a tick-box exercise. I’m not in this just to hold you to account in making your progress. I truly want to support you in shaping your vision, strategy, overcoming obstacles and having a plan you’re excited about creating and inspired to achieve. THAT’s how I believe l I can add most value to our Coaching relationship together.

You WILL need to work smart and I will be there to support you.



Work/Career Coaching

Feeling stressed, stuck or demotivated by work?   Get your Work Mojo back!

Personal Coaching

Helping you overcome those blocks in your life that are holding you back

Client feedback

James, Calavar

Personal /Business vision alignment

The coaching adds the part of my business I do not have as self employed individual – accountability. However target-driven I may be (and I am) I am only accountable to myself, and when I try to do too much (i.e. do not have enough focus on the important stuff), reasons (excuses) are found for not achieving things as a result of too much else needing to be done – but these really are excuses. This means that no goal had much hope of being achieved – the investment in the coaching meant that the business was able to grow because my focus was in the right place and I could build the proper foundations. Coaching is not a cost – it is an investment.

David worked with me in the way that I thought – I am a very pictorial person in my thinking, so some guided vision thinking and unwrapping the real rationale/ reasons/ motivations for the goals and what they would achieve for me meant that I could focus on the important stuff.

As importantly, David was able to keep me focussed – and keep drawing me back to core motivations and the reasons why I was doing something – and helping me to keep the eye on the bigger vision and the medium term plan.

I was not presenting the easiest challenge – a combination of needing to clarify and achieve sporting goals, business goals, educational goals – and David was able to flex and bend, keeping me on course as challenges to these goals were met, and as the goals themselves needed to flex as opportunities presented themselves too.

Having a small business and getting goals and plans in place is important – but more important is understanding why those goals are important and what they will mean when you achieve them – and this is the part David was so good at bringing out. The goals became more a part of me rather than numbers on a spreadsheet.

James Bristol and Arizona!

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