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Small Business Coaching

Leaving behind working for others and starting your own Small Business?

Wondering how to get started?

I can help you.


Work/Career Coaching

Feeling stressed, stuck or demotivated by work?   Get your Work Mojo back!

Personal Coaching

Helping you overcome those blocks in your life that are holding you back

Client feedback

Improved Focus and Prioritisation

I came to David to coach me on improving the focus of my life and to be able to spend my time more productively.

I'd been referred by another of David's clients so had evidence of his proven results.

Prior to working with David, I found that I didn’t prioritise things effectively and too often spent time on issues that were easy to solve but relatively unimportant.

David was able to help me draw out my weaknesses and concentrate on resolving them. He was also very flexible with regards to sessions.

I would recommend David. He improved my approach to the way I tackle issues and helped me consider other people’s point of view, both professionally and personally.


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