Hello, I'm David Wise

What's important to me?

I've always enjoyed helping people and see it as one of my key strengths. Whether coaching, knowledge-sharing, strategizing , team-working - I love helping others move forwards with their lives/businesses.

With a passion for learning and personal development, I love to share what I've learnt and find the most appropriate sources of information to share with my Clients, to complement the coaching programmes that we are travelling together.

I love the synergy of working with others and like to keep our sessions light-hearted while focusing on what's important and delivering the right outcome for each session. 

Teamwork - Wisdom - Fun  

Why Coaching?

I first got into Coaching 15 years ago, as a line-manager going through a high performance manager programme in the large corporate I was working for, where Coaching was an optional module within the programme.  At the time, the general perception of Coaching was that it was 'done to under-performers' to help them reach the expected performance bar.  

But Coaching is so much more than that! Coaching is about help you move from where you are to where you want to be, quicker and easier than if you tried to do it by yourself. In the knowledge that you have me, as your coach, walking alongside you, supporting, encouraging and challenging you to keep making progress and learning from your experiences.

I really enjoyed that first experience of learning and trying out Coaching, and decided to use it with my team, to help them aim and reach higher. Yes, I did have one team-member to help 'reach the bar', as well as coaching my deputy where the focus was about building self-belief and help them shape their career in team leadership, starting with taking over from me!

Since then, I've used Coaching both personally and professionally to help friends, colleagues and clients break through their stuck circumstances and make progress towards what they want for themselves and their businesses, using a blend of the various coaching methods and techniques I have gained along the way, tailored to suit!

In my former career over the last 20+ years, I have had various team leadership and management roles including project-management, transformation lead, continuous improvement lead - all roles involve an element of facilitating Change through people. 

Being a Coach, a lot of the approach is very similar, except the terminology has changed: Instead of leading/managing my own project, I'm guiding and supporting my Clients to lead their own projects (about improving their own lives or their business)!      

Location / Coaching Approach

My home office is in Nailsea, North Somerset, about 10 miles southwest of Bristol. Clients can come to my office for face-to-face sessions, alternatively we can work via Zoom or Skype. I'm also flexible to working with local Clients in neutral locations away from their normal personal or business life - let me know if you want to discuss that option.

We would typically work together for 3 or 6 months and have coaching sessions at least fortnightly (option of weekly) so that together we can help you create and sustain your momentum towards what you want to achieve.

I'm likely to ask you to complete a draft testimonial up-front ahead of coaching commencement, so that I know what you want to be saying about your experience of us working together and how your life/business has improved as a result - then we both have a target to be inspired by!  

All work, no play...

Outside of my Coaching work, I am happily married to Suzie with two grown adult lads, Matt and Jonny who make me very proud. Our choccy labrador Fudge passed in 2019, but he was really part of our family too and I miss him very much,  as had such a loving temperament and encouraged me to get out and go for long walks.

Family dynamic!

A few years ago, I went on a 'Learn to Sail' course in Croatia, as part of a flotilla, and got my Competent Crew qualification. Since then, I've been back and passed my ICC (coastal skipper) for sailing vessels in coastal waters, and have since been working on my friends and family to come along and share the fun!  My next goal for the next 2-3 years is to get more experience and progress to offshore sailing and skippering and achieve Yacht-Master standard. 

There's something about the exhilaration, the energy of the wind in the sails and being at the helm or on the 'sheets', feeling the power of the wind and the sea and being at one with it - a great metaphor for our lives! 

My other hobbies include golf, skiing holidays (and organisation for friends and family) and ridge/hill walking. 

Plus voraciously reading/learning anything about the human mind and body connection, so that we can improve the quality of time we have on this wonderful planet.