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David has taken me on quite a journey: from an initial place of uncertainty with areas in confidence, career, dealing with an aggressive Manager and without focus, there was quite an ask of David to help me.

At first, a feeling of skepticism because I knew it was a lot which I was asking of David.What impressed me about David was how he made me feel at ease, asking me open questions which made me feel comfortable and that took me down a path which, before I knew it, I was willing and able to express myself and explain the problems and concerns I was having. David was honest with me throughout and I felt he was listening to me and my needs, as he relayed back to me the key matters I had raised.

David worked with me on techniques to help me build my confidence, to remember times of when I had felt confident and I now use these techniques, e.g. “my personal trophy cabinet”, “hoops” to visualize people that I aspire to be like and “anchoring” to use when I need an instant confidence boost. I am delighted how all of these have worked so well for me.

Further sessions involved trying out those techniques to ensure I am comfortable with them and understand them and also using timeline and breathing exercises which have been very in tune with the types of techniques that I would be open to try. I felt David was a friend who I had known for years and was very relaxed to speak with, which was a big turnaround for me.

By the end, I had techniques, pages of notes, visuals, relaxing and other tools to pull upon as and when I needed them and all of these I have been putting in to practice and finding results, all thanks to David. The net result being that I now feel more confident than I have ever done before, I am focused and finding myself being able to deal with my Manager, my career in a much more determined fashion.

Thank you David, you have made a real difference.


Self-Assurance and Relationships

I had reached a very low point in my life and made a decision that I was not going to give up, but realised that I needed help to regain my confidence and bounce back.My main sticking points were a severe procrastination habit, lack of self-confidence, a tendency to panic and feel over-whelmed under pressure, and forgetting how to have simple, childish fun!

David introduced me to techniques and approaches to enable me to see things differently and come back out fighting. Between each session I practiced these and we reviewed their effectiveness at the next session.This gave me the added impetus of knowing David would ‘check up’ on me!

I now have much more confidence in my day-to-day work life.I am able to interact with my peers and senior colleagues much more positively and with more self-assurance.

Although my procrastination is not completely gone (that will take more practice!) I recognise when I am doing it and why, and I can choose my behaviour to overcome it as appropriate. I am much better able to deal with stressful situations where I felt under pressure and out of control, without becoming so panic-stricken.

I now have good tools for building a much more positive relationship with my daughter. She still pushes my buttons but I have a better ability to choose my response and I understand it is my choice to react positively.

There was the flexibility to focus on what mattered at the time of each session and to change focus if something else came up. Plus my introduction to new tools and points of view (e.g. TED, NLP, perceptual positioning, etc.)

I’d definitely recommend David’s coaching: His programme gave me the chance to develop and pursue different aspects, as well as serve as a ‘conscience’ from one session to the next to make sure I applied what we had discussed, review the outcomes and understand what worked best for me.

As a result I am much more confident in my work and have greatly increased self-belief. My efforts were noticed both at work and at home and I have got a real boost from the positive comments I’ve had. I couldn’t have done that on my own!



I wanted coaching to improve my leadership, confidence, personal growth and to get my work-life balance back, even though I initially had a doubt about the effectiveness of coaching.

As a result of David’s coaching, I am much more aware on everything I do.

I can relax more easily and I am making strides to improve my confidence levels by asserting myself more effectively. I also have a different perspective of success and my timelines are more realistic.

I found David’s relaxation technique simply brilliant.

I recommend David’s coaching - Accepting the help and be willing to challenge yourself is very important for a coaching session to work well.

David has been very patient with me and helped me to see things from a different perspective. He provided a point to focus. I truly enjoyed meeting David and learning more about coaching and will continue learn and use in my daily routine.


Career Direction

 I was unsure of which career direction to take and my two or three options were very varied.During my sessions with David he would ask what I wanted to talk about during each individual session and sometimes I wasn’t sure. So David would recap what we had talked about previously then help me to understand and resolve the issues that I was facing.

I would highly recommend David Wise to anyone looking for professional support in any type of situation – for me this was business coaching as well as helping me to see my worth.

Thank You David


Goals and Motivation

I am very target-driven and am only accountable to myself. When I tried to do too much, I found reasons/excuses for not achieving things. This meant that I had not much hope of achieving any goal.

The nature of my business means that personal, sporting and business goals are intertwined. This created an issue for me of trying to focus on too much and achieving none of it – and not knowing what the measurable goals really were.

With David, I was able to focus on the way that I think: I am a very visual person in my thinking, so some guided visual thinking and unwrapping the real rationale/ motivations for the goals and what they would achieve for me, meant that I could focus on the important stuff.

David was able to keep me focused and draw me back to core motivations for the reason I was doing something.

Having a small business and getting goals and plans in place is important, as is understanding why. This is the part that David was so good at helping me bring out – as the goals became more a part of me than numbers on a spreadsheet.


Letting Go

I had recently been through a divorce and had a long-term disability that has affected mostly my lungs. Though I feel that I have dealt with both of these in a personal way it wasn’t until I visited Dave I really understood how they were both still affected the way I dealt with things in my life.

Dave provided good questioning that helped me focus how my behaviour was limiting future opportunities, for example: I would defer telling possible new partners about my lung condition creating some mistrust because I had associated the break-up of my marriage with the diagnosis of the lung condition. We explored some of my beliefs deep-rooted in a past situation and turned these around to come out with a more beneficial outcome for myself.

As a result of the sessions I feel clear what I want from my life. More importantly I make my decisions without the bitterness of the past. My disability is no longer an issue to me and having the time to reflect and adjust my thinking within the timeframe of these sessions has been very useful to me.



David coached me to manage my responses and feelings to conversations that didn't involve me directly. 

Initially I was concerned that I may perhaps be judged, but David explores the concerns and issues in a non-judgemental and constructive way, taking me through to a resolution I had not considered. Although I found it difficult at the start, it was having the opportunity to ‘be’ the individuals in the exercise and see things from each of their point of view. 

I now appreciate that it's not my relationship and I can disassociate myself from the issues to be an observer, leaving the other parties to sort them out. I've found that I have a much improved relationship with the people involved as a result .



Prior to working with David, I was struggling to cope with general things due to chronic pain episode affecting work and daily life and I had developed anxieties from my problems.
I got on well with the homework David had set me. This gave me a sense of organisation back in my life and I felt calmer and clearer day to day writing things down if needed.
After my 3 sessions with David I felt like I could cope better and take a step back on my worries and anxiety. I feel I am clearer and more focused on my goals for life and now realise I can get there, I can do the things I want and the main thing is that I can manage my pain. 
David is an approachable therapist and made me feel comfortable during sessions. I’d like to say thank you to David for helping me improve my life in the areas I was struggling to manage.