What is Passion?

Passion is defined as “Boundless enthusiasm; strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal or goal”.
For me, I’m passionate about helping people – whether I’m in “coaching” or “therapy” mode, training, running workshops, sharing information or getting stuck into physical activity – I love it. Contributing to help someone else move forwards.
I’m also passionate about having fun, learning and growing myself, seeking knowledge and being able to share my wisdom with others.
When I’m immersed in activity like this, time just files by, I’m in “Flow”. You’ve probably had those moments too, where you were so engrossed in what you were doing that everything external to that activity just disappeared until you finished and brought your conscious attention back to what was going on around you.

Being in tune with the Universe

It’s in these moments of our Passion, that we’re closest to our life’s true Purpose.  We put our focus and energy into what we are doing. We are most in tune with the Universe.
What are the activities that you are passionate about? Some of these you might not even have recognised in yourself until you reflect in this way now. But you’ll know from your energy levels!

Work to Live AND Live to Work ?

Think of someone who loves their job – they are spending most of their time in their Passion. They’ve found the activities in their life which they devote their energy to, and as a result they are more successful.
How much of your work time is spent in these Passion activities? If these moments happen mainly outside of your current employment, then I’m guessing that you’ve recently been wondering “am I in the right job?”.   
Where that’s the case, what can you do to bring these Passion activities congruently into your work? And if you can’t, then how can you make sure that you give yourself time for these activities outside of work?

A powerful conversation 

If you’re struggling to align your passions with your work, then let’s have a powerful conversation where we can explore further how you can live your Purpose but following your Passion!