Sometimes I get stuck.

I mean, Seriously Stuck! Nothing seems to work in finding the answer to my problem.

First I get frustrated, then I get cross with myself, and more often than not I start judging: “why can’t I be like X, they seem to know what to do, they write really well, they must be more important/ connected/ inspired,….”

Blah blah blah.

All this senseless stuff going on..

The moment is changing, Nothing is giving me the answer. So eventually I sit, sigh and let go.

And my Inner Wisdom takes over….


No Thing : not a thing, of no substance. Perhaps I need to call on my Inner Wisdom instead?

No-Thing: Brother of No-Worries?

Not hi ng: Not hi-energy – is that my problem, I’m in low energy?

Noth in g: Should I look north in G (a different frequency)?

Let Go - Have Fun
Let Go – Have Fun

When I LET GO, my playful creative self turns up. I begin to have FUN. My energy increases.

The judgement stops, the stuckness dissolves and I find my way.