90-Day Coaching Programme  

For those who really want to make a big leap forwards and are prepared to make the investment in themselves to achieve this, then the 90-Day Coaching Programme is right for you!

We will have 8 x 1-hour Coaching sessions over 90 days with on-going email and text support, plus you will receive my monthly newsletter and information relating to your coaching topic(s).

For those people who have specific emotional blockers, we can discuss combining 3-4 sessions into a single Personal Breakthrough session as a starter. The advantage of this is that the emotional blockers can be cleared up front and you feel more energised and even set your sights higher as a result.

Rolling Monthly Coaching  

For those people that would like regular fortnightly coaching to keep on track for achieving their goals, tackling obstacles and maintaining commitment.

The Monthly Coaching can be used as a follow-up to either the 90-Day Coaching Programme, a Personal Breakthrough session, or just on it’s own!

This provides the flexibility of just booking for a month (2 sessions), and may suit those who do not wish to invest in a full programme up-front.

If you wish to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months by standing order, then please let me know as I will offer you a discount for making that commitment up-front.

Personal Breakthrough

A  single session (between 3 and 5 hours) focused on helping you break through those emotional blockers that have prevented you from moving forwards.

Is your Thinking getting in you Way? That annoying inner critic telling you it’s not possible, you shouldn’t, you don’t deserve it? Time to banish it and enjoy taking those challenges!

Do you keep taking 2 steps forwards and one back, like you’re sabotaging your own efforts?

Do you find the same old patterns keep coming up in your life, and something needs to change?

This session will be intensive and there will be preparation needed for us both!  As a result of this session, you will feel Energised and fully motivated towards your goals.

Single Coaching / NLP / Hypnotherapy Session

Useful for Phobia cure, Habit-breaking, clearing Anxiety (eg. pre-exam nerves, driving tests)
Do you have a specific subject for which you want a single focused coaching session? This may be for you. 
Or maybe you’re feeling a bit low and just need an Energy Booster?