Have you walked or driven between two places, while thinking about something different, only to realise when you get to your destination, that you don’t remember much about the journey? ¬†This is the nature of Trance.

We spend most of our lives going in and out of trance-like states without realising it.

Hypnotherapy uses trance to communicate more directly with our sub-conscious mind, while our conscious mind is focused elsewhere. This provides an effective means of changing from unwanted ingrained habits, phobias or beliefs to more useful ones, through the power of hypnotic suggestion.

Will you cluck like a chicken? The simplest answer is Do you want to?

Some people are concerned from what they may have seen as Stage Hypnotism that the Hypnotist can make the Client behave in silly ways against their will under hypnosis. This is myth – at all times, the Client is in control of what happens, even under hypnosis.

So why not give it a try? From simple Relaxation to fast-phobia cures. From habit-breaking to stress management. You may be surprised with the great results you can achieve.