When I look at my TO DO List, the ‘Should’ monster chews my ear about the things I’ve been putting off, because I hadn’t found the motivation to get them done.
So where was my motivation? These tasks were important enough for me to add to my list, so why was I procrastinating?

I’d forgotten why these tasks were important – who/what would benefit when I did them and what would happen if I didn’t do them.

Some tasks, it’s very obvious as there’s an external impact (getting your tax return in, or be fined!) and we soon find the motivation, even if it’s last minute.

Other tasks comes down to our own internal moral compass.

In my case, tasks like creating content and posting regularly, I saw as a laborious activity… but I’d forgotten why I write, who I’m writing for, and who will miss out if I don’t share my learning.
Once I focus on my WHY, my motivation returns and the Should monster crawls back in his cave.

There’s some great books/videos on this: Brian Tracey’s book “Eat that Frog!” (the JFDI bible), Dan Pink’s TED Talk “The Puzzle of Motivation” and Simon Sinek’s talk “Start with Why”.

Personally, I need to get the WHY before I can JFDI
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