Life seems pretty hairy, when you’re juggling many hats, doesn’t it?

That was the case for me when I was ‘trying’ to juggle being a contract IT project manager alongside building my Coaching business, my family responsibilities as a husband and father, and time for just being ME.
Each was suffering as a result of my diffused focus across them all. Long evenings in my home office, rather than with family, late nights and resulting tiredness in the ‘day job’.
Only so long I could keep this up…

At start of this year I made my decision: My IT contracting career finished in March (coincidentally the week before Covid Lockdown 1). Rather than juggle one day job and ‘side-hustle’ with the other, my Plan A became my Coaching business, and no Plan B.
I now have a clear dividing line between work and family/me time. Such a relief that I can make more difference, have more impact because I have more focus and more energy!

Where are YOU juggling many hats?
What is it you need to LET GO of, to focus your energy?
What becomes possible for you, when you do?
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