Wisey’s recent learnings

As you may have guessed, I’m still pretty new on my journey in the world of broadcasting on websites and social media. However over the last few weeks I’ve learned so much through both personal trial and experience and also some fantastic presentations and webinars that have been really helpful to me.

I’ve learnt about how to create a marketing campaign, how to structure presentations and webinars, to create interest, stimulate emotion, the power of story, value-stacking, blah blah blah… lots of really important stuff for any business with an online presence.

But here’s the thing… 

The online stuff is just a means to an end.

What I’m REALLY passionate about is serving YOU, my Coaching clients, in the best way I possibly can, to give you most value for the investment you make in yourself by hiring me as your Coach. 

To do this I am also expanding my Coaching toolkit and experience, finding out what works and improving on things that don’t. Finding new learning/training to immerse myself in so that I can continue to grow, and in doing so, am able to help you do the same.

Why am I telling you this now?

Well, it occurred to me that while I’ve been busy seeking out courses, watching webinars, reading fascinating books etc all to get extra learning, I’d missed one vital magical resource which it’s so easy to overlook that I felt compelled to share it with you.

So what is this magical resource?

There is always more we can learn. In doing so we expand our minds, open up possibilities and continue to grow ourselves. More often than not, we tend to think of learning in terms of reading books or going on courses to gain knowledge.

But we tend to forget that we can also learn from our own experiences: from the things that have gone well for us and just as importantly, from the things that didnt go as planned. By reflecting on these in an objective (rather than emotive) way, we can take learning that we can apply forwards. There’s a great NLP belief that there’s “No Failure, Only Feedback”.

If you can apply that belief in any situation where previously you may have “beaten yourself up” over a mistake or perceived failure, then you increase your flexibility in how you can tackle similar situations in future.

So go on, be magical…

Have a go, be prepared to make mistakes – think of them as “miss-takes” , learn from them, apply the magic and give yourself another chance!