I’ve taken 2 Big Opportunities this weekend

Attending the very first Masters Of Influence course

What a great course!

So much learnt, extending my NLP skills and expanding to other dimensions that I would not have considered before. All great skills and techniques to become even more resourceful and empathic when supporting my Clients.

You’ve probably heard of the “Words, Music, Dance” analogy to how we all communicate, well how about extending that to include Chakra alignment? Amazing!

Also some fascinating insight into how great leaders use NLP strategies to influence, and how we can also apply similar to have more impact on those we need to influence.

A well-worth investment.

Conducting my first Interview

OK, Its fair to say that I was nervous. In fact, I’d had serious doubts earlier about whether I’d go through with it. My first interview on camera and to use an appropriate colloquialism “I was bricking it!”

Isn’t it funny how we talk ourselves into being fearful of something that’s not even happened yet?? Exams, tests, interviews. All we can do is our best, to live and breathe our passion.

So being a great NLPer, I decided I’d use the techniques on myself: circle of excellence to anchor those useful feelings, flik-flak to check what Would happen if i Did, etc and also “Act as if” (also known in some areas as “Fake it to make it”).

So I did it, I recorded my first interview and can build on it. Learning from what went well and what can be improved for the next one. Funny how it’s never as bad as we believe it will be, afterwards!

Both with the inspiring, amusing and highly skilled NLP Master Trainer Dr David Shepherd

I’ve been a great fan of David’s for several years now. As you know, I love learning – one of my strengths is soaking up information from training, online resources like Webinars, Youtube, TED lectures and being able to use and refer to these to add even more value for my Clients.

And David is certainly high on my Subscribed list. What and how he shares his training, the fun he injects into it and the value he gives to his training delegates is second to none (IMHO!).

So I was absolutely delighted when David agreed to be interviewed by me at the end of the Masters of Influence training this weekend.

Watch out for the interview coming here soon!