On 13th June 2015 I’m doing a tandem skydive to raise £1000 for Alzheimer’s Society.

I’m both excited and nervous about it. It’s something I’ve never done before and am confronting my fear to do it.

And if you’ll support me, then I have a very special offer for you, as a Thank You.


So what’s the Special Offer? 

For the first 5 people that support me by making a £100 donation to my Just-Giving page, and booking an introductory session through my contacts page,  

I will offer my 90-Day Coaching Programme for a reduced price of £247 + VAT

(that’s a saving of £350 + VAT from the usual RRP of £697 + VAT).

The offer is valid until Tuesday 30th June 2015.


Why am I supporting Alzheimers Society?

My Dad, Brian Wise, died in 2004 after having suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for approximately 10 years.

As you may know, it’s a terrible de-generative condition of the mind and we can only begin to wonder what it must be like for someone in the early stages to have a sense of what’s happening to them.

Such a change from the cheerful smiling Brian (Dad) that I knew before the disease took hold, to the Brian in the care home who could barely recognise his own family (and only then by sight, rather than name).

So I decided to support Alzheimers Society and support their great work in finding a cure to the disease, as well as help those suffering, and their relatives/carers.

A few years ago, I walked on the Memory Marathon South (26 miles from Stonehenge to Avebury in Wiltshire, UK) in memory of Dad.


So what am I doing?

This year, I’ve decided to push myself and in the words of Susan Jeffers “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, I will face one of my fears by doing a tandem skydive.

As part of this, I am going to raise £1000 and lose 10 lbs in weight (4kg) before the event.

Read more on my Just-Giving page below and please DONATE what you can while you’re there!

If you’ve made a donation, a huge THANKS from me! Every contribution makes a difference towards beating Alzheimers’ disease, and preventing the suffering of lovely people like my Dad, Brian.

Remember I’m offering my 90-Day Coaching Programme for a reduced price of £247 + VAT to the first 5 people who make a £100 donation.

If you’ve made £100 donation and would like to take advantage of my limited offer, please book your introductory session through my Contact page ===>

and we can then discuss how I can help you with your current challenges.


David :o))