When looking at a situation, I pride myself in being able to take a simplistic approach to planning and problem-solving and also be able to drop down into the detail to progress further.

Occasionally I find myself down in the detail and so absorbed in that detail that I forget the bigger picture, the Simples! view that provides the context. It’s then that I’m most likely to be distracted by other non-relevant information (shiney object syndrome) as I find something interesting and lose sight of what the context was.

It was so tempting to put a picture of a Meerkat in this post, as a role model of Keep-It-Simple-Stupid! : looking up and scanning around to appraise the situation, before continuing.

Where are you getting lost in the detail and suffering from distraction as a result?
How could things be different for you, if you regularly scan your context?
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(I’m now adding a Meerkat picture to my whiteboard as a reminder!)

cute meerkats