I love being a Coach, helping my Clients break through their obstacles (usually self-limiting beliefs) and make an impact.

Definitely a Coach, more than a Mentor ( I try not to tell them what to do, as I believe my Clients have the answers and its my job to help them discover them).

I love facilitating change in my Clients, putting them in the spotlight, not me.

So posting stuff like this where I need to put myself out there and influence others to take action feels uncomfortable to me (it still feels like Mentoring, not Coaching).

I have to remind myself of the roles I’ve had and projects I’ve led in my previous career of 30+ years, where facilitating change by bringing others with me on the journey, was key.

I couldn’t “play small” then and if I am to serve my clients powerfully, then I need to put myself out there now.

So I’m leaning in – this post is another step.

When you think about the roles you’ve had…
How have you been holding yourself back?
What impact could you have if you stepped forward?

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