Wow, what an incredible Valentine’s weekend I’ve just had!

What happened?

Such an incredible roller-coaster of emotion, challenging me to try things in situations that I’ve not experienced before, dealing with in-built beliefs that have only just surfaced and took some mind-shift to overcome.

David and Suzie Wise

With some incredible people to journey with, or guide and support, including the lovely light of my life, Suzie – who I know has taken on those same challenges herself before and now shines like a beacon with her warmth, love, sense of fun and daring to push herself further.

So what was it?

Well, it certainly involved…

Heart, Energy, Truth, Communication, Connection and more!

Heart a sense of connection with your inner-self, being able to love yourself and in doing so, be more open to give and receive with others.

Energy – calling in and harnessing the energy of earth and the universe to radiate through us and be present in the glow that we can then give out.

Truth – That sense of knowing who and what we truly are, shedding any facades, any past emotional baggage and living in the moment, speaking openly, freely and truthfully to ourselves and others.

Communication – raising our awareness of how we communicate with ourselves and others, both in what and how we say things, without fear of people’s reactions or opinions, and as importantly (if not even more so), being able to truly listen to others on what they feel and want, without own own judgement or predetermined responses getting in the way.

 Connection – we’re all human, we all have similar needs, feelings – although we’re rarely in synch with others, which makes it so special when we can find that synchronisation (or even synchronicity!) and the energy (the dance) we have between us flows through us and makes us feel wonderful.

There really have been some lows and highs

I arrived feel ‘curious’…. there’s a saying I love in Coaching (apols, not sure who I heard if from but it resonated and created a powerful picture as a reminder for me) : Your Mind is like a Parachute : it works best when its Open. 

I’ve already seen the powerful shift over the last year and a half in my beloved Suzie, and so wanted to know what it was that was so powerful in creating that wonderful change in her, and thinking how might I also benefit from a “similar” experience (?)…

So we arrived, met with hosts and helps, with like-minded people on vastly different points in all our journeys, some (including me) somewhere between nervous and excited on what was to come, others already very excited about how things may change as a result of the weekend.

Each morning, we practised a mediation technique, we learnt how to openly communicate and share how we were feeling and then listen to our partners doing the same so we could create a deeper connection between us.

We learnt about Energy and Chakras and how we can harness the energy in our relationships.

Did I mention it was Valentine’s weekend???  

In our communications exercises, we expressed what additional things we want to to welcome in to relationships and others things which were not serving us well to cut them away.

And then, being Valentine’s weekend, after dinner, we went through in our pairs to make vows (or messages of intent for our relationships) to our partners, witnessed by everyone else, all done in a deeply moving ceremony.

Yesterday, after raising our energy through meditation and dance, we confronted some of the things that have been holding us back in our relationships – that was tough and its a good job we raised our energy first! We found ways through, we made decisions to be daring and have fun – and wow! (rather, KER-POWW!)

Caring and Sharing

And when we came back into our circle to share our learning with the group, it was so beautiful to hear how everyone had been moved by the whole experience and the energy in the group was just incredible.

No matter where our journey’s take each of us in future, we know we truly lived in those moments through the turmoil and the enlightenment and will be much stronger for them.

Special HUGE THANKS to Sue Newsome and Martin Hellawell, our hosts, for their love, support, wisdom, guidance in leading us through our New Beginnings.


So, are YOU prepared to be daring for the higher purpose of your relationship? Are you curious about exploring and challenging what might be holding you back in your relationship so that you reach that deeper connection with your partner?

If so, you can contact for more information about the New Beginnings course, or other courses that Sue and Martin run. Just remember to be daring and bring your “Open Mind” parachute!


Watch out for my next post coming soon also involving parachute and reach different heights.

: D