(Being so keen to “get on with it” that you miss the opportunity to smell and appreciate the roses..)

That’s what it can be like when we just want to get things done and are impatient with certain team members who appear to be “deliberately” slowing things down and involving others with “what do we all think”?

Like it or not, as a Leader, our team ARE the Roses. We may have results to deliver by key dates and we need the team to get on board and deliver.

Truth is, it takes timely communication and engagement to get their understanding and solution ideas which will actually help get us there sooner than the JFDI approach.

We need to slown down and appreciate the roses and then we’ll get their commitment to delivery.

DISC profiling is a great way to understand the different personalities in the team, so that you can be more effective together. Whether you’re a JFDI (“D”) or a Team consensus type (“S”) – you’ll understand better how to work with others.

Please share below if this resonates with you, and how you have experienced this D v S challenge.

If you’d like to know more about DISC profiling then Message me and let’s have a conversation.